You want to start your own fast-food restaurant but you don’t know how to do it? 

Study the concept and the situation

Think carefully about the type of restaurant you want to open: traditional sandwich shop, American fast-food restaurant from the 60s, family fast-food restaurant, take-away counter… Visualize where you will feel best and in what area you think you will excel. Think about the image of the restaurant, the colours, the packaging… If necessary, contact a marketing agency.

Look for a good location for your concept: visit the shops for sale or for rent, compare the premises, look at the other shops around, study the traffic and attendance… Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a real estate expert who knows the desired area well. The ideal is to call on a specialist in shops.

Choose the type of purchase of the premises

There are usually two ways to get a space to turn it into a restaurant:

Buying a right to the lease: you get back the lease concluded between the owner and the previous occupant, under the same conditions and for the remaining duration.

Buying a business: the acquisition covers a whole range of elements (equipment, kitchen equipment, employees but also sign, customers …).

This last solution is more restrictive but more complete: it requires registration formalities, legal publication, payment of transfer duties, etc. The customer is necessarily included in the sale, whereas the equipment can be chosen. The stock of goods is the subject of a separate sale. The acquisition of the business must specify the turnover, the result over the last 3 years, the conditions and history of the lease, the status of liens and pledges… Receivables and debts are not part of the sale.

However, there is another solution: buying a premises to set up your restaurant.

Lock up the formalities

Prepare a good business plan, assess risks, anticipate problems. Call in an accountant to draw up a provisional budget. Consult a lawyer to define the legal structure of your company.

Check the availability of the name of your restaurant and, if necessary, protect your brand. It is entirely possible to give your company a name that is different from the name of the establishment.

In the case of a nomadic or temporary restaurant, carry out the formalities with the town hall of the town where the establishment will be located. Make sure that you have the necessary authorisations to operate a terrace. Ask the Prefecture for your licence to sell drinks.

Declare your establishment. Also notify the veterinary services of your Prefecture of your existence before opening.

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