Chef's Corner

---- ChefsCorner (large)Brian Burner, born in New Rochelle, New York in 1968, had a rich gastronomic upbringing, with his mother as his strongest influence into the world of cooking. As his first real role model in the kitchen, she lit the fire in him which is still vehemently burning today. Brian started his culinary education at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, New York where he earned his degree in 1992. Upon graduating, he worked in a number of restaurants, including the Rainbow Room in New York City, Mirabelle in St. James, Star Boggs in Westhampton, Mill River Inn located in Oyster Bay and The Old Field Club in Setauket. Each of these experiences were a crucial step in his climb to success; ownership of his very own Brian Scott's American Restaurant in Miller Place.

Though the restaurant proved to be a great success, Brian soon found himself focused too heavily on managing his new restaurant, and falling further away from what he loved to do; cook. Though it was a bittersweet moment for Brian, he knew selling his restaurant was the best decision he could make, allowing him to continue on in his culinary journey to East Wind Caterers, where he was once again in his element as Executive Chef.

In August of 2013, Brian received a phone call from a friend who notified him of a new restaurant in Riverhead that was looking for a chef. Content in his new ventures, Brian didn't give much thought to the opportunity. A few weeks later, Brian received another phone call; this time from one of the owners of that same restaurant his friend had mentioned. The odd coincidence intrigued Brian, in which he then agreed to come down and sit with the owners; Ray Dickhoff, Wayne Steck and Paul Steck. After hearing their vision for the restaurant, he knew his culinary expertise could bring their dream restaurant to life and was excited to get started.

In the months to come, Brian and Ray built on a relationship that would ultimately shape everything food-related at Joe's. Bouncing ideas off one another day in and day out, they laid down the very foundation in which Joe's kitchen was built on; home-made dishes created from local, high quality ingredients, using the incorporation of cooking methods that though can be slightly more time consuming, make all the difference in the finished product.

It is no wonder why within the very first months of opening their doors to the public, Joe's Garage and Grill received superb ratings and reviews from Newsday, Dan's Paper, The North Forker and various other news sources!

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